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Youth at the top - 2021

Our life can change within a minute ....
Due to adventurous happenings ...
Because of an unspoken sentence ...
Maybe because of the snack ... a tasty piece of shepherd's polenta balls with cheese,
cooked over a campfire,
discovered, slowly, with all the taste buds,
in a wonderful place and on a starry summer night!
Administration of the Bicaz-Hasmas National Park between July 8 to 9, 2021 participated in the 7th edition of Action called Youth at the Top.
This action at European level aims at strengthening the relationship of the young generation with the nature and protected areas, and raising young people's awareness of the protection and conservation of nature.
As a way to accomplish the goal, educational and recreational activities were chosen to allow the young generation to discover and experience the Carpathian natural heritage and a thematic action focused on the culinary specialties from the area of ​​Cheile Bicazului-Hășmaș National Park.
The action included the preparation a simple, traditional recipe called „bocuj” in hungarian, or „bulz ciobanesc” in romanian – shepherd's polenta balls with cheese, approximately in english, a traditional mountain food, made according to recipes used by shepherds in the area, and visualizing this food preparation process, with the help of drawings made by children. All this ... during a two-day trip to the Hășmaș Mountains.
The Youth at the Top event was coordinated by ALPARC-Alpine Network of Protected Areas with the support of the German Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Principality of Monaco.