The Bicaz Gorges - Hasmas Mountain National Park
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General presentation

1. General Description of the National Park Cheile Bicazului -Hasmas
      P.N.C.B - H is of a great geologic, geomorphologic and paleontologic interest. It is also interesting from the point of view of its landscapes, and biological diversity generated by the great variety of geoclimactic conditions. The Bicaz Gorges are famous in Romania also because of their impressive dimension. At the same time, the Red Lake, formed through the natural blocking of the Bicaz river's waters ( 1837) offers   a lovely scenery to the eyes.
1.1 Location
      The park is located in the Hasmas mountains - ( Haghimas ) , situated in the central group of Oriental Carpathians , also known as the Moldo - Transsylvanian Carpathians. The park is located in the central - north - eastern region of Romania , in the zone of Harghita and Neamt counties.
1.2 Access
    The protected area of the Bicaz Gorges - Hasmas is crossed by the transcarpathian road DN12C, which connects the town of Gheorgheni  - (situated in the Giurgeu Depression and drained by the Mures river ) to Bicaz , a town situated on the Bistrita river . The access towards the Hasmasul (Haghimasul ) Mare can be done from Balan, situated north of Sandominic, on DN12.
1.3 Natural Reservations Included in the Park
    The Bicaz Gorges ( Neamţ district - 1,600 hectars and Harghita district - 2,128 hectars ) and Lacu Rosu, Cheile Sugaului ( 10 hectars ) Avenul Licas ( 5 hectars ) the Hasmasul Mare - Piatra Singuratica ( the Lonely Stone ) and Hasmasul Negru ( 800 hectars ).
1.4    The surface of the PNCB - H : 6793,64 hectars.
1.5    Marks and touristic signs
♦    Information boards on PNCB – H ;
♦    The condition of tourist routes is permanently revised by the Park Administration;
♦   The Park Administration decides on adopting tourist sign norms  as used at European   level.
1.6 Touristic Routes