The Bicaz Gorges - Hasmas Mountain National Park
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Atractions - ( BELVEDERE ) points, special scenery, impressive gorges formed by the Bicaz brook and its affluents
Tthe Red Lake resort: a well - known climacteric resort in Harghita district, with access from the municipium of Gheorgheni  ( 25 kms ) through the Pangarati Pass, or from the town of Balan in Neamt district , through the Bicaz Gorges
Suhardul Mic ( observation point )  - one can observe the Red Lake region ( The Red Lake resort, the Sheep's Brook,  the Hasmas massif, the Suhardul Mare massif, the Ghilcos massif, Cichi  Biuc )
The Ghilcos massif  ( observation point )  - one can observe the Red Lake region  ( the Red Lake resort, the Licas massif, the Suhardul Mare and Suhardul Mic massif, and the Cupasului, Laposulului, Sugaului Rocks ). The Ceahlau massif can be observed as well.
 The Bicaz Gorges on DN 12 C, with a length of about 5 kms. , the most impressive gorges in Romania.
- Avenul Licas , at the northern extremity of the National Park
- The Sugau Gorges ,at the eastern extremity of the National Park ( entry to Bicaz - Chei settlement )  
-Cheile Duruitoare, formed by the Trei Fantani ( Three Wells ) brook
- The Bicajel Gorges, at the point where the Trei Fantani brook flows into the Bicaz brook ( in the Bicaz Gorges )
- The Hasmasul Mare peak -  ( 1792 m altitude)   
- Patra Singuratica ( The Lonely Stone ) - Hasmasul Mare  can be noticed from DN 12 from Miercurea Ciuc , and it can be accessed from the town of Balan  ( with access from Sandominic )
- Poiana - Alba ( the White Clearing ) - Hasmasul Mare - from here one can follow any desired route to Hasmasul Mare - Piatra Singuratica - Hasmasul Mic ( Ocsem ) - the Tarcau massif ( at the southern extremity of the National Park ) , in the direction of Paraul Oii ( the Sheep's Brook ) - Red Lake resort, or to the Ghilcos massif - Red Lake resort, to Hasmasul Negru, to the village of Trei Fantani, to Balan, to the Pangarati Pass...